Through David Parker's interest and involvement in instrumentation and control systems, he first learned of LonWorks technology in 1994, whilst employed as Managing Director of an instrumentation company serving the water utility market worldwide. He saw an opportunity to bring products into the UK that were not currently available.

After comprehensive market research as to whether it would be a viable business David & Sharon Parker founded Liberty Control Networks Ltd in November 1996. It wasn't until the summer of '97 that David began to work full time in the business, followed by Sharon in March '98 who continue to form the management team of the company.

Our Mission

Liberty provides LonWorks products that don't come back, to customers that do.
We serve a dual role to both our customers and our suppliers. Because we have gone out of our way to gather together a complementary range of the best products around we are able, with conviction, to promote each product assertively and our suppliers know it.

Our Principals

Liberty's Market

LonWorks technology, developed by Echelon, is being used by thousands of companies, in hundreds of different applications. These applications are in major markets including building automation, industrial controls, home automation, transportation, utilities and many others.

Liberty Control Networks has identified opportunities in the building automation market utilising LonWorks technology which can be applied to virtually all the control systems of a building - HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), fire & life safety, lift control, lighting, security, access, and others. The use of a common technology provides for the sharing of information among sub systems and the highlighting of duplicate functions.
Industrial Automation

Industrial automation applications include systems in process industries such as petrochemicals, food processing, pulp & paper, waste water treatment, environmental management, metallurgy, plastics and a wide variety of other specialised applications.
Petrol Forecourts

LonWorks control network technology has been selected as the standard for International forecourt automation by the International Forecourt Standards Forum (IFSF), a consortium of multi-national oil companies. Agip, Aral, BP, Conoco (Jet, SECA), Fina, Mobil, Q8, Shell, Texaco and Total either have or will soon begin requiring IFSF equipment in their future forecourt projects. A forecourt is generally considered everything at a petrol station outside of the mechanic's service bay. LonWorks is an ideal solution for the IFSF because it links key elements of a forecourt together into a single, interoperable control network.

Liberty are successful because…

It's management team has a good mix of skills and an in-depth knowledge of the issues important to any business, including sales & marketing, customer service and quality, IT & technical skills as well as financial control.

We are on a continuous learning curve and recognise that we don't know it all. Things are forever changing at a hectic pace and we are not afraid to ask for outside professional help and assistance. We have total commitment to the business and a real dedication and enjoyment of working within Liberty; it has got to be fun too!

A proactive approach is adopted, with clearly defined objectives that have been detailed in a living business plan. Attention to detail is, we believe, the key to our success.

Having previously taken a company through the Investors in People program, Liberty has a great head start in knowing what the main issues are in developing its people.
Liberty adopts many of the quality procedures outlined in the ISO90002 standard.

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